This is who Sue Thompson is:

Sue Thompson is passionate about values and character and how they are communicated personally and professionally. She considers attention to the visible image we exhibit in appearance and behavior an often-overlooked key to success. Motivated by a sincere love of seeing people make dramatic breakthroughs in understanding themselves and others, and quoted in publications such as the New York Post, numerous trade journals, and in various online publications such as CareerBuilder.com and CNN.com, Sue's insights on leadership, manners, common sense, civility, and personal presentation are sought out for their practicality. Her highly-valued coaching helps executives, supervisors, and others develop their talents and leadership abilities, refine their images to present the best picture of who and what they are, and play to their strengths.

This is what Sue Thompson does:

Sue brings her training and experience to bear on helping people and companies take a look at the importance of character strengths such as honesty, hospitality, teamwork, self-regulation, and fairness and how they matter for business success. She can shine a light on the missing components that make great employees, managers, and a healthy workplace. She's skilled at helping individuals unearth their buried talents and aspirations and become what they were meant to be. With a master's degree in clinical psychology and years of experience as a manager, her deep-seated belief in the power of the lessons of life will help you and your employees bespeak excellence in every way—in behavior, attire, language, and that special "something" that shows you mean business.   

“I gained a new understanding that has already helped me with my daily inter- actions with my colleagues and my customers.”

Gary Nantais

Vice President, MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services

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“I highly recommend Sue Thompson as a communications consultant to any organization that wants to fine-tune its staff to work in harmony internally and externally.”

Barry Simms, President

Digital Office Solutions


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