“Sue provided real value to a group that depends upon being able to quickly connect with clients and business associates. Her talk on dealing with different personalities was a perfect complement to the mission of the organization and gave attendees insights into their own behavior and how to adjust to communicate with ease.”



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Sheila Dixon
Founder & President



I help prepare facility managers for promotion
Facility Professionals

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You're a facility manager, or one in training. You go to IFMA meetings. You've got your CFM or your FMP, or you're working on it, or you're thinking about it.

Whatever your situation, you're ready to move up. You know you're good at what you do, and you feel your technical skills mean something to your organization.


In order to be seen and heard as the professional, knowledgeable, valuable facility manager you are, you must add to your technical skills the major-league interpersonal skills that are absolutely essential to your success. This isn't about faking it. This isn't about putting on a suit and pretending like you're a bigshot. This is about developing the qualities that signal to those who matter that you are ready to move to the next level.


What a lot of facility professionals don't consider is that while the work they oversee may be among the dirtiest jobs in the company, they've got to look and act like they belong in the board room if they want to take their skills and abilities to the highest levels of the organization.

You may know everything you need to know about project management, building systems, office furniture, and disaster preparedness. But do you know how to:

Remember this: your employer may know you're technically skilled but not have a clue as to the value you provide because he or she simply can't see you. You don't stand out in a way that says "Executive Material."  


I’ve been a facility manager for 20 years, an IFMA member, the president of my local chapter, and past president of the Corporate Facilities Council. I've been a presenter numerous times at World Workplace and Facility Fusion, as well as a number of chapter events. I understand the challenges facility managers face, and I know the elements of professional presence facility managers often ignore.

Let me coach you in the essential areas of professional presence, positive leadership, powerful behavior, and a personal style that says, "I'm worth every penny." Let me be your sounding board for making masterful decisions. Let me help you rise above weaknesses and develop your strengths.

I'll prepare you for promotion. I'll help you manage the transition to Executive Row. I'll make sure you feel you've got what it takes to succeed as a peer in the C-suite.

“Your three-pronged approach to creating a professional image in appearance, behavior, and integrity was exactly what we wanted to give our participants, and you delivered with excellence!”
Lynn Evans