"In just an initial coaching session, Sue helped me to see the strengths I may have always known were there, but never knew how to define. Her guidance is the next step in my personal journey of self-awareness and reflection. She's candid and honest, yet kind. Her insight truly makes a difference."



Laura Crozier



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Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.
                                                   Golda Meir

Coaching provides you with an accomplice who helps you identify important goals and work through the steps or processes necessary to attain them. It’s an objective eye to assist you in pinpointing problems and creating solutions. It’s a voice from the sidelines to help you get to a place where you are confident in your decisions and know how to move forward. Sometimes, coaching is a much-needed kick in the pants; other times, it entails a respectful form of guidance by asking questions only you can answer and encouraging your search for the response. It can be an inspirational journey or a focused venture.  

You may be a manager recognizing the need to make some strategic adjustments,or simply have a personal desire to:

Gain understanding of your personality (and those with whom you work, live, and play)

Identify your talents and begin to amplify them

Clarify the values most important to you and cultivate ways to operate in them more meaningfully

Expand upon ways to express yourself with greater confidence

Build your professional presence in appearance, behavior, and communication

Direct yourself to shed the unproductive practices of your past

Focus on thorny issues and create approaches to address them thoughtfully

Consider the possibilities of engaging Sue as a coach to help you:

Honestly tackle your fulfillment factor on your job

Show the boss you’re a valuable employee

Develop a well-rounded presentation in image, behavior, and integrity

Reduce the effects of your imprudent behavior and stop acting like a jerk

Explore whether or not you have a true motivation for leadership

Address obstacles preventing good leadership

Give yourself an edge as a manager by cultivating powerful techniques for success

Work through situations on the job that keep you awake at night

Understand yourself and others better

You will receive well from the coaching experience if you:

Can accept feedback well

Are willing to change

Understand your participation makes the work successful

Resist resisting

Contribute wholeheartedly to your own growth

You may engage coaching for yourself or for a member of your staff.


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