Sue’s clients have included:

Sue has presented at national conferences, seminars, expo events, webinars, retreats, business and chapter meetings, and employee functions. She will work with you to create a message of significance for attendees. Evaluations routinely speak of her enthusiasm, humor, and wisdom.



Your corporate atmosphere tells clients you mean business—and it all begins with what they can see and what they sense about a company's integrity. Let her in on what you want your workforce to communicate and she will work with you to make it happen! Experience the dramatic results of employees who are professional, mature, thoughtful, and:

Effective in team-building and teamwork

Empowered to take action in representing the company

Enabled to resolve their own problems

Aware of the power of civility in improving productivity

Skilled in building and improving client relationships

Know how to look and act in a corporate environment

Can draw upon their character strengths to set the tone for excellence at work

Understand that conscientious leadership produces bottom line results

She creates supervisory "laboratories" for new managers and new employees, and coaches at all levels to improve the entire image your staff presents. Some people just don't know how to act. They will after Sue has given them the tools and shown how to use them excellently!




Training examples

Case studies

“Sue provided real value to a group that depends upon being able to quickly connect with clients and business associates. Her talk on dealing with different personalities was a perfect complement to the mission of the organization and gave attendees insights into their own behavior and how to adjust to communicate with ease.”



Sheila Dixon
Founder & President



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Sue can proofread corporate materials and communiqués and assist in writing promotional copy. Consider this: all it takes is a misplaced apostrophe (“Ahead of it’s time”) or a common misspelling (“Your welcome”) or a grammatical blunder (“Him and I discussed it”) to be perceived as uneducated or backward.


I develop exceptional

people from the inside out
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